Why this site? Are there any technical advantages?
Why this site? Are there any technical advantages?
Steven HeynderickxSteven Heynderickx on 1260463790|%e %b %Y, %H:%M %Z|agohover

It looks nice, as far as I can see does it what it should do, but why the no comments?
Is it easier in maintenance, or is there cool stuff possible now, that was not there before?

Stepping Stone
Ss_Sins_InsightSs_Sins_Insight on 10 Dec 2009 19:30

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I'm not going to comment on the advantages since I think leiger will want to, but nocomment is a stepping stone to other projects that are still concepts, such as pagetree and stempages.
By all means Ss_Sins, save me some work! :)
leigerleiger on 11 Dec 2009 03:22

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You might be able to come up with some advantages that I haven't thought of yet.

The two main ones discovered so far:

  • Ability to lock a thread, so that all messages can be read but not edited
  • Ability to upload files to each post (not implemented here yet though)
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