Needs an obvious "watch this thread button"
Needs an obvious "watch this thread button"
wstonewstone on 1260459046|%e %b %Y, %H:%M %Z|agohover

As this doesn't rely on the "comment" module and system, posting to a thread doesn't mean that you automatically start watching it for new posts.

There needs to be a way of saying "watch this page". Yes, I know this is at the bottom of every page but it needs to be more obvious… I think :)

Re: Watching options
leigerleiger on 11 Dec 2009 04:37

Tools | edit post

You're right. I'll make a list of the things that are missing and need to be added.

The 'watch this page' feature is misleading as it only watches for edits to the original post. All replies to that post are actually other pages, meaning that you won't get emailed about them unless you watch the 'post' category or the whole site.

However, an RSS feed can be used to notify about replies to a page — so a feature like this is possible. People would have to manually use feedburner (or some other similar website to process the RSS feed) if they want to be emailed about changes, though.

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